Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back from the Summer

Well, it's been some time. No excuses, except it WAS summer, and I was keeping busy.

I had an interesting project, one I never thought I'd make. Actually, I never even thought about making one til I got a phone call. Many of us might have a need for one, living in old houses, with old interiors, and still, it had never crossed my mind. Ok, I'll say it.


Do you have one? Well, someone in my state does! Here are a few shots. I wish I could show it to you in situ, but the owner doesn't live nearby. If he ever sends me a photo, I'll post it here.

Sorry, not the greatest shot, but I had a hard time getting the entire piece. It's 70" wide. Yup, a big boy. Here's some details.

The cover is entirely lined with a high count muslin, to avoid static. You can see that in the photo on the right. Anyway, making something for the first time is always fun, and sometimes challenging.