Monday, January 23, 2012

Lavender in Winter

Like last year, I've been making use of some of my bags of linen scraps to make sachets- filling them up with amazingly fragrant organic lavender from Washington State. The entire studio is permeated with the aroma when I fill a few up. Mmmmmm. Don't think any moths will come near this place!

Last month, I sent a "Knitter's Peace Dove" sachet as a gift to one of my favorite knitting designers, Anne Hanson, of Knitspot and she generously posted about it on her blog. If you're a knitter, and don't know about Anne's great designs, and fun blog, please visit her!

Since it's nearly Valentine's Day, I've also started to make "Lover's Peace Dove" sachets. Here is what one looks like, but don't feel it needs to be gifted for that holiday- give one to yourself, or to someone you love. It's white and cold here, but the scent of lavender will keep me going til Spring.