Monday, February 7, 2011

100 Years of Educational Needlecraft

Amazing, it was 100 years ago, in 1911, that Ann Macbeth and Margaret Swanson's revolutionary instructional book was published by Longmans Green & Company. When I first became interested in Glasgow Style Embroidery, I found two copies of the book in the UK- one is the first edition from 1911, and I'm still happy to have it. It is listed on my website page of resources to "find out more".

Pioneers in the UK, the authors wrote other instructional books to better enable teachers of "domestic arts" to inspire girls and young women to expand their skills- and to encourage the social revolution that the arts could be for All, not just the economically secure. Practical creativity meant that needle crafts didn't have to be created from expensive materials, nor did they need to be confined to evening wear or purely decorative objects.

The publication is now readily available in paperback version, and also online.

If you're going to be near Glasgow Scotland the middle of this month- an event celebrating the 100th anniversary of Educational Needlecraft is scheduled. Textilefest includes a tribute to Glasgow's role in the textile industry-Visit for more info- there is even a workshop on making your own drawstring bag- Glasgow Style!

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