Monday, July 9, 2012

Pine Cones, New and Old

I'm currently working on a pair of curtain panels for a substantial window in the Pacific Northwest. The client selected Chocolate brown linen, with applied reverse L-shaped bands that have embroidered Stickley pine cones on them. Lots of pine cones. 

This is the corner of of a band that is in progress. Two shades of naturally dyed brown silk, with a softly variegated green for the needles. 

Right now in my yard, there are other pinecones being created- but not by my hands. It's fascinating to watch them grow, change in color and texture, and size. 

These are on a little Fir called "Horstmann's Silberlocke"; the undersides of the needles turn a light silvery color as they twist and turn. As the pinecones mature, they are attacked in the fall by the birds. 

This tiny little specimen is growing on a weeping Hemlock, and looks delicate, but really isn't.

Here's one that hasn't changed color or texture yet, and is tightly packed and a lovely blue green. 

Inspiration is every where. I do love summer.

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